History of the Women's Division

In 1990 a group of women became more interested in the business activities of the Fort Worth Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce and banned together to create a support group for chamber activities.

At the fifth Annual Convention of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, held in Fort Worth, the idea of a Women’s Division for black chambers emerged from an exciting and informational workshop on women issues.

The Women’s Division of the Fort Worth Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce is the first in the nation to be affiliated with a Black Chamber of Commerce and it is a model for others to follow as recognized by the U.S African American Chamber of Commerce. Today, the Women’s Division recognizes the vast amount of renewed interest by women in business because the job market has changed, and small businesses are emerging.

Mission Statement

Blend education with economics in order to empower women and create an expanded atmosphere and market for inclusive business development.


It is the intent of the Women's Business Issues Division to build on the existing legacy while empowering women through education as we focused on innovative ways to cater to the mind, body and soul.


  • Encourage women business owners and other professionals to network with local Chambers of Commerce and other business organizations in order to develop a business identity for themselves
  • Build coalitions among diverse groups on common economic agendas
  • Increase the awareness of the economic impact and contributions of the woman
  • Annually recognize the success of business women and organizations that support our mission


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